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Maintaining your validator node

Signer addresses are the addresses of Ethereum accounts of Heimdall validator nodes. It is the signer address that signs and submits the checkpoint transactions.

In contrast to the signer key, which is kept on the node, the owner key must be kept in a secure place and used infrequently.

Change the signer address

This guide refers to your current validator node as Node 1 and your new validator node as Node 2.

  1. Log in to the staking dashboard with the Node 1 address.

  2. On your profile, click Edit Profile.

  3. In the Signer's address field, provide the Node 2 address.

  4. In the Signer's public key field, provide the Node 2 public key.

    To get the public key, run the following command on the validator node:

    1heimdalld show-account

The new details for your node will be saved when you click Save. Thus, Node 1 is your address that controls the stake, where rewards are sent, etc. As a result, Node 2 will be responsible for signing blocks, signing checkpoints, etc.

Set up your commission rate as a validator

Validators can set up their commissions and change them at any time.

Validators may charge any commission rate they choose. Commissions would start at 0% and go up to 100% of the rewards earned, and they can be changed as often as the validator likes.

Change your commission rate

You can change your commission rate.

  1. With your owner address, log in to the staking dashboard.
  2. On your profile, click Edit Profile.
  3. In the Commission field, provide your new commission rate.

Once you have confirmed and signed the transaction your commission rate will be set.

Once the commission is updated, there is a cool-down period of 80 checkpoints.